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Established in 1984, ITECMO is specialized in the development and manufacturing of injection moulds for plastic industry. Through more than 30 years of existence, Itecmo has kept up with the demanding changes in the mould industry, having in mind the supply of a personalized and full service satisfying our clients' demands. 



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The combination of industry experience gained by our operators and skilled technicians along with investment in modern equipment followed by updated CAD / CAM systems give us the ability to develop different types of molds such as: bi-material moulds, gas-assisted injection moulds, water-assisted injection moulds, prototype and many others. Itecmo provides the highest service level to their clients, starting with 3D design, programming, machining, assembly and try-outs, including rheological studies in a complete partnership with our clients. Here you will find the answers you search for, thanks to our highly motivated team waiting on new challenges to give shape to new ideas. 


Itecmo exports almost all of its production to several countries in the world,
being the USA, Spain, France, Germany and Russia our biggest destinations.

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